Trend Socks

We produce the best socks

for our customers.

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We produce in Turkey

Tempo Textile gives its best attention for using of the “best quality” raw materials and chooses its raw material suppliers among the leading companies of Europe, which make a merit of being respectful to human health during the production phase. It provides continuity by making continuous tests and controls in modern laboratories within the frame of importance of raw materials and products considering the human health and product quality.

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Natural Flow

We produce natural yarn quality products.

Happy Customers

We strive to provide the best product at the best price.

Awesome Design

We deliver you the most trendy designs.

Guaranteed Quality

We provide unconditional guarantee to our customers regarding our products.

Timely Production

We deliver at the place, at he time; we promise.

Fast Delivery

We deliver fast products to all over Europe.

As Tempo Textile our first aim is to present high quality product and to deliver our good quality product to our esteemed customers in appropriate time and in accordance with our mission and vision.


  • Strict quality control and shortest lead-times for all customer
  • Extensive product warranties.
  • 100% tested for functionality, compatibility, and quality.
  • Stringent control system on original flash sourcing and flash life cycle management.
  • State-of-the art manufacturing facilities and procedures.
  • Vendor approval system for qualified and stable sourcing.

Machine Rooms

Our machinery is consisted of all single cylinder Lonati machines. It has been equipped with a variety of machines manufacturing in different diameters and needle numbers to respond to demands for socks in every size and style. We ensure speed and flexibility in production utilizing spare cylinders when necessary. Each product is reviewed one by one for quality control, as it is done in every section.


The finishing unit is qualified with a modern system corresponding to sector’s requirements which enables various finishing methods such as silicon, anti-bacterial or enzyme finish.

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Tempo; has been serving the world brands with knitting, garment, washing, uniform and dyeing machines with modern production technology.


barcode packet system.


manufacture of socks from yarn to end product.


excellent quality socks with the latest technology machines.


We and our customers


tested for functionality, compatibility, and quality.


countries, our customers are using our socks happily.


are a big family with employees.


We produce socks annually.